The JOBwordz Story

The jobwordz motto is: Get That Interview!

Applied for the job, but no Response?

Resume black holeThe JOBwordz story begins. Anyone who has ever applied for a job online has experienced some form of frustration in the process. For me, the job search frustration developed from a lack of response for a submitted resume. The application process is lengthy and always a mystery whether an employer will respond.

I believed each job description required a new version of the resume for keyword matching, but had no understanding of why. Questioning why employers did not respond to me, I grew tired of tweaking resumes in vain. I also learned other job applicants had similar experiences.

What is missing from my resume?

Resume Rejected File typical JOBwordz storyYou never know if resume tweaking will prompt an employer to respond and lead to an interview. My time is precious. Completing lengthy employer applications, tweaking resumes to match job descriptions, and submitting them online is time consuming. Even though my resume was professionally written, I decided I needed something more – a tool to perform one final resume review before clicking the SUBMIT button.

Research existing “job search” tools

Maze Job SearchMy initial search was for a service that could check my resume and compare it to the job description for keyword matching. I was hoping such a service could also provide suggestions for improvement. All I found were resume writing companies. Then, I reached out to the professional who prepared my resume looking for a lead. Again, no response was given, but my investigation continued.

A good resume is more than keywords

Frustration with job searchMy research came up short for my immediate needs. However, during this process, I uncovered a number of problems for job seekers when submitting resumes online. I discovered information about robots employers use to scan applicants’ resumes. These robots are called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). I also learned that resumes require more than simply matching keywords from the job description to get past these robots.

Check my resume algorithm is a success!

JOBwordz Story - High Success for InterviewAfter compiling all my research, I applied the newly learned techniques to check my resume and make changes. I pressed the SUBMIT button more confidently than ever before and could hardly believe the results that occurred within days of applying. Responses from employers were received, wasted time stopped, and interviews began.

JOBwordz became the answer to this job seeker’s problem.

Partnership – JOBwordz Success Index

I took my research, discoveries, and results with a business idea to Pam Cote for her opinion. Pam is a long time friend and technically adept user experience professional. She had some great ideas and similar experiences as well. Both of us were looking for different jobs and we both experienced frustration in the hunt. We are from very diverse backgrounds and together have a broad set of professional skills to contribute toward one goal. Through similar circumstances we discovered our purpose and found that most job seekers feel the same way.

As a result, we started a journey that led to JOBwordz and our mission to help all job seekers GET THAT INTERVIEW!

Judith R. Porter