Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Resume Black Hole

No response after submitting a resume?

Be assured that you are not alone. Up to 75% of resumes are REJECTED without ever being read!


At JOBwordz, we call this the “Resume Black Hole”. There are many reasons for no employer response, but the most common is because of a computer program called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Employers use an ATS to scan and rate an uploaded resume. If the resume is scannable, it is assigned a score within seconds of submission. Your resume is REJECTED if it scores too low. Since 75% of applicants are REJECTED, recruiters only see a fraction of resumes submitted.

On the flip side, employers are blasted with candidates responding to online job postings. Without an ATS, recruiters read, sort, and score each resume manually. This takes a huge amount of time.  With the help of an ATS, hundreds of resumes are analyzed and sorted instantly. This saves time. However, qualified candidates are overlooked in this process due to missing or confusing items in the resume. When this occurs, your resume is rejected and sent into oblivion, the “Resume Black Hole”. You do not get a response from the employer because they never saw your resume!

The JOBwordz Success Index

You can avoid the black hole by using JOBwordz to analyze your resume for missing keywords and other issues. The JOBwordz Success Index is compiled, prepared, and delivered to your email. Suggestions and recommendations in the JOBwordz Success Index can help  you improve your resume and GET THAT INTERVIEW

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Since an interview may lead to a job and you really want the interview, use JOBwordz BEFORE pressing the SUBMIT button.

This black hole image was found in an article by Matt Tarpey for CareerBuilder, LLC. Original publish date: 07.20.2015 http://advice.careerbuilder.com/posts/How-to-get-noticed-by-an-ATS
  • JOBwordz analyzes your resume to suggest what keywords and formatting can be improved to help you get that job interview.

  • An interview may lead to a job.

  • You want the interview!