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Use “Check my Resume” – see how your resume measures up to the job.
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Here’s how “check my resume” works in a nutshell.


Upload your resume or cv
  • Upload your resume
  • Type your job title, and
  • Copy & paste the job description


Analyze and compares your resume with the job description.

JOBwordz uses a proprietary algorithm. It analyzes and compares your resume with the job description.


JOBwordz Success Index Score

View your score.

We send the JOBwordz Success Index directly to your email.

check my resume works to get you the interview

How to submit your resume

First, Tell us about the job:

The first step is tell us the exact job title, paste the job description, and upload the resume you intend to submit for the job.

Next, Access your account:

The second step is create a Submittable account, or sign in to your existing account. When you create an account you will be prompted for your name, email address, and to select a password for your account.

Third, Get your results:

The third step is review your JOBwordz Success Index. Then use the suggestions and recommendations to make your resume the right fit for that dream job.

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How we handle submissions for Check My Resume

JOBwordz chose Submittable as its document platform during the start up phase. Submittable is a cloud-based submission management system trusted by 9000+ companies. For more information visit

The Story of Check My Resume

Read why and how JOBwordz came about from the visionary Judy Porter.